50 years of acquired know-how in the sector of liquid and gaseous fuels


Piccini Paolo Spa has been active since 1968 in the sector of liquid and gaseous fuels with a recognised know-how gained through 50 years of experience and continuous investments in human and technological assets.

Piccini Paolo Spa

With the invaluable expertise of the specialised personnel, safety is guaranteed throughout the execution or every steps of Natural Gas handling, which are decompression, measurements, compression, storage and transportation.

Piccini Paolo Spa plans and builds all necessary equipment used for the supply of methane and biomethane and their conservation in the storage, allowing customization in order to satisfy the needs of Clients. The highly qualified staff is able to design and create compression and reduction cabins, cylinder trailers, cylinder bundles and pipe-tanks.
The experience gained with the creation and direct management can lead to “turnkey” services, strongly oriented to clients’ needs with attention to both investment and managing costs.

Safety and Quality are the number one priority. The ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BH OHSAS 18001 certifications are always borne in mind during each process and service.

Piccini Paolo Spa designs and builds fuel filling stations, both for public use (e.g. on the street) and private use (e.g. company fleets), and takes care of any potential provision and management.

For 40 years, Piccini Paolo Spa has been the leading company for the distribution and sale of LP Gas for heating in Tuscany and Umbria. Thanks to the LP Gas storage depot of 400,000 litres built in Sansepolcro (AR) in 2002, the company can distribute the products in a very short time with widespread coverage, optimising costs and guaranteeing the availability of liquid gas.

An important part of the experience gained is derived from the realisation and management of LP Gas and Methane distribution networks for cities in the last 15 years.

Natural Gas has always been the core business of Piccini group that, through Piccini Impianti Srl, installs and distributes LP Gas, Methane and Dual-Fuel conversion kits for cars, business and heavy vehicles in the centre of Italy. It is specialised in the installation of Methane or LP Gas systems on engines originally powered by diesel or petrol. These systems can be installed on all kinds of vehicles and light or heavy-duty trucks, such as vehicles for goods or passengers and private use.


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